"ArtiFacts" and Fiction Museum Days!

"ArtiFacts" and Fiction Museum Days!
Posted on 09/09/2019
There are exciting, new things happening in library! Our students are loving the option of choosing up to 5 books to go home. Mrs. Nelson's goal is to build a love of literacy by putting the books that interest our kids directly into their hands.

Our second grade students are pictured here. The library will be hosting Artifacts and Fiction Museum days based on their classroom curriculum. These students are working on a communities unit right now and she was able to borrow an amazing culture kit so they could pretend to be community citizens. They talked about all of the different jobs we see in Castle Rock and what it means to be a good citizen here at Soaring Hawk and in our larger community.

Additionally, our fifth graders are working on a unit based on Human Rights using the text "Esperanza Rising."  Mrs. Nelson was kind enough to find a culture kit about Mexico to make the learning come to life for the students. These artifacts were able to be used and discussed up in their classrooms. 

Thank you, Mrs. Nelson, for all of your hard work!  We are so lucky to have you at Soaring Hawk!