Douglas County District Art Show!

Douglas County District Art Show!
Posted on 04/01/2019

It's that time of year again!

The District Art show will be running April 5th-8th this year, and there are MANY young artists representing Soaring Hawk Elementary at the show. It is a great honor to have work in the show. The show will be available for viewing at the Hilton Garden Inn in Highlands Ranch from 10:00am-8:00pm daily.  If you have a chance to check it out, the pieces include K-12 representatives from throughout the district. It is a massive collection of work, and is incredible to take in. Ms. D’Arthenay will be at the show working on Sunday, April 7th from 10:00am until noon if you'd like to catch her there. Thank you for supporting visual arts at Soaring Hawk!

Congratulations to the following students who will represent Soaring Hawk this year: 


Eli Quinn- 1st grade- clay bird

Emma Carter- 1st Grade- Clay bird

Blake Allen- 1st grade- Clay bird

Skyler Struble-1st grade- clay bird

Ava Wolfe- 1st grade- clay bird

Aspen Sanders- 1st grade- clay bird

Kaylynn Van Noordt- 1st Grade- clay bird

Ryleigh Moulaison- 1st Grade- clay bird

Logan Reese-1st Grade- clay bird

Kaden Hynek-1st Grade- clay bird

Zion Benns- 1st grade- clay bird

Kyla Arkus- 1st grade- clay bird

Savannah Rupp- 1st grade- clay bird

2-D Artwork (printmaking/mixed media/collage/illustration, etc.):

Maggie Linde- 3rd grade- needle felting

Luke Gore- 4th grade- Needle felting

Greyson Walter- 6th grade- watercolor/ink

Ava Jones- 6th grade- Mixed media

Sophia Klinger- 6th grade- Ink

Elise Fleury- 6th grade- Ink

Alice Toribio- 2nd grade- Printmaking

Felix Rupley- 2nd grade- Printmaking

Elizabeth Cowan- 6th grade- Ink/Collage

Carter Ryan- 2nd grade- Monoprinting

Cairiss Nicks- 2nd Grade- collage

Madison Christensen- 5th- watercolor/ink

Max Gale- 6th grade- Ink

Julia Grezeszak- 6th grade- Ink

Greyson Walter- 6th grade- watercolor/ink

Noel Sjostrom- 4th grade- glue/chalk

Klara Dobosz-4th grade- glue/chalk

Kristin Ruppel- 3rd- Printmaking/paint

Ben Wisniewski- K- watercolor/ink

Jeffrey Snyder- 2nd grade- mixed

Emma Bardell- 5th grade- chalk/ink

Rowan McBride- 6th grade- ink

Anahi Tellez-Aguilera- 4th grade- glue/chalk

Stella Bieber- 4th grade- glue/chalk

Isabella Vandenheuvel- 4th grade-watercolor/illustration

Dylan Brace- 6th- digital photography

Andrew Ruppel- 5th grade- stop motion animation/QR coded