Soaring Hawk's Community Kindness Garden

Soaring Hawk's Community Kindness Garden
Posted on 04/25/2019

Many of you might be curious about the colorful rocks in town square...there will be new batches added for the next three weeks as each student at our school creates a rock for our Soaring Hawk Community Kindness Garden. 

Here is more info from our fantastic PTO:

Hello SHE Students!

Thank you for helping us to create an amazing rock garden of kindness for the front of our school! We want to show everyone that being kind is very important to our school and you will be a big part of this! We have spray painted the rocks for you, and I admit, we weren’t experts at painting them perfectly, but that’s okay! Don’t worry if your rock isn’t perfect, it will still look amazing in our garden. We would like you to decorate your rock with a kind quote, a kind word, or a kind symbol. It will then be protected with Mod Podge. We will take your rock, once it is dry, and place it in the front of our school near the spirit rock. When our entire school has finished their rocks, we will have a rainbow garden of rocks that will inspire everyone to be kind, and it will look beautiful too! Your rock will be there for many years to come to inspire everyone who sees it. We can’t wait to see what you create!

With big thanks,


Thank you to the Soaring Hawk PTO for the wanting to do such a fun school-wide project, and for supplying the materials we needed.  Thank you to Ms. D'Arthenay for helping the students create something they are proud of to be shared with our entire school community!