Eureka Math

Soaring Hawk has adopted Eureka Math as our Core Math Instruction for kindergarten through sixth grade. We piloted the curriculum in 2015-16 and fully implemented it K-6 in 2016-17. Currently, Eureka Math is the most widely used math tool nation-wide and is fully aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards. There are many reasons why we feel that Eureka Math is the best curriculum for our students. Eureka Math Text Books
- Eureka provides heavy emphasis on
conceptual development with early development of number sense. - Eureka emphasizes teaching mathematics as a "story." Eureka Math builds students’ knowledge logically and thoroughly to help them achieve deep understanding, which has been tested and proven to be the most successful method for teaching/learning mathematics, world-wide. - We chose Eureka over other math tools used in the district because we knew our students needed more depth of understanding in math. We liked that Eureka made sure the students knew not just that 6x7=42, but WHY and HOW it does. We believe in the flexibility of thinking and problem solving ability that comes with deeply understanding numbers and mathematical processes, and Eureka provides that well as students progress through the scope and sequence of math modules. - Key features: Fluency practice (sprints); Teacher-led concept-development lessons; Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract progression of skills;  Application Problems; Problem Sets with varying difficulty; Multiple homework/extra practice options; Formative Assessment: Daily Exit Tickets to quickly determine next steps for instruction; Summative Assessment: Mid- and End of Module Assessments (comprehensive) - Parent Resources: Homework Helpers, Parent Tip Sheets (available online at this link: GREAT MINDS)