Student Links

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Typing Pal
Khan Academy
Discovery Education
Arcademic Skill Builders
Sesame Street Games (K-2)

Kindergarten/First Grade Sites:

Number Practice
Bees and Honey
3-2-1 Snack Counting Practice
Mouse Practice
Kindie Computer Lab Links
Halloween- Carve a Pumpkin
Pumpkin Patch Match

Facts/Reference Links:
DCSD Homework Help
Kids National Geographic
Fact Monster
Kid Info
Kid Friendly Search
Discovery Kids
A-Z Animal Research
Science Facts
Sweet Search for Kids
Destiny Discover

Image Search:
Google Safe Search Images
Classroom Clipart
My Cute Graphics
Pete's Powerpoint Clipart
Kid Friendly ClipArt
Pixabay Images

General Math:
ARCC Practice Tests
Virtual Manipulatives
Oswego Interactive Games
BBC KS1 Math
BBC KS2 Math
Grade Level Skills Internet 4 Classrooms
Math Millionaire Games
Education Place Test Prep
ABCYa Subtraction
Math Playground

Fractions, Ratios, Percentage
Fractions 4 Kids
Probability Games
Probability Games 2

General Science:
Science Kids
Ducksters Science Categories
Kids Sites
Easy Science for Kids
Interactive Sites for Education
Moon Phases
One Kids Geology

Life Cycles:
Study Jams Life Cycles
Life Cycle Interactive
Life Cycle of a Frog
Butterfly Life Cycle
Plant Life Cycles 1
Plant Life Cycles 2
Frog Life Cycle Video

TVO Kids
PBS Kids
National Geographic for Kids
Raz Kids
Sway presentation
Be Internet Awesome!

General Language Arts:
BBC KS1 English
BBC KS2 English
Internet 4 Classrooms

RWT Shape Poems
RWT Riddle Poems
RWT Letter Poems
RWT Diamante Poems
Shadow Poetry
Acrostic Poem
Interactive Sites for Ed- Poetry

Place Value/Counting:
Place Value Shark
Place Value Hockey
Oswego Games

Computation/Basic Math Facts:
Math Magician
Shoe Addition
Math Bingo
Monkey Math

Social Studies Games
Geography Games
Mapping 1
Mapping 2
Mapping 3
Mapping 4
Treasure Hun (Longitude/Latitude)

Eureka Math/Great Minds Math:
Math Resources
Pinterest Board
Great Minds Login

Links By Grade Level:
First Grade Computer Lab Links
Second Grade Computer Lab Links
Third Grade Computer Lab Links

Rainforest Links:
Rainforest PreTest
1. Rainforest Concern- How Can I Help?
2. Rainforest Education
3. Adventure Life

Journey into the Amazon Interactive
Brainpop Rainforest

Kids National Geographic- Rainforests
Rainforest Word Search
Rainforest Alliance- Virtual Treehouse

Interactive Sites for Education
Dance Mat Typing
Tagul Word Clouds
DCSD Homework Help
Sheppard Software Games
Happy Numbers

Word Central
Rhyme Zone
RWT Letter Generator
RWT Persuasion Map
RWT Comic Creator
RWT Essay Map
RWT Trading Cards

Grammar Gorillas
Grammar Blast
Go Grammar
Wacky Webtales
Spelling Bees
Game Aquarium
PBS Kids Between the Lions
PBS Kids Arthur
Grammar 4-6
Grammar Videos

Money Match
Counting Money
Money Bingo
Bang On Time
Stop the Clock
Peter Pig's Money Counter
Clock Games

Virtual Manipulatives
Geometric Solids
Shapes, Angles, Symmetry
Shapes Shoot
Examples of Symmetry
Billy Bug Coordinates
Billy Bug Coordinates 2
Banana Hunt- Angles
Measurement Games

Colorado History:
Notable Coloradans
CO symbols, songs, emblems
Colorado Facts
CO Fun Facts
CO Learning Games

Sixth Grade
Fun Brain Games
Mr. Nussbaum
6th Grade Literacy Sites
Typing Club
Kids.USA Maps
Little Alchemy
Ancient Civilizations
Mr. Barnett's Ancient Civilizations Links
6th Grade SS Ancient Civ
6th Grade Social Studies
Mrs. Redd's Social Studies
Digital Compass Game

Olympics 2018
Winter Olympic Activity Village