Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Team: Lisa Tait, Kim Bench and Ninna McMahon

Lisa Tait

I am super excited to begin my third year teaching 5th grade at Soaring Hawk! Along with being a teacher, I am the proud mother of two beautiful children, Lindsay who just turned 24 and recently graduated from CU, and Spencer who is almost 22 and a senior at CU.  We love to ski, hike, bike, travel, and spend time together in the mountains or near the beach.  In my free time, I enjoy yoga, being on trails, reading, exploring new areas, working in my garden, and spending quality time with family and friends.  I have a B.A. from Metropolitan State College of Denver in Professional Studies and a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Colorado Christian University.  I have taught kindergarten through 5th grade and have taught licensure courses at Colorado Christian University.  This will be my 27th year teaching in the Douglas County School District and I am very passionate about mathematical instruction so am thrilled to be departmentalizing again this year!  I strongly believe that effective education is a partnership between teachers, parents, administrators, and the community.  I can't wait to begin our year together!


Kim Bench
This is my second year teaching fifth grade at Soaring Hawk.  I have taught for many years in several different school districts both in Washington State and Colorado with experience teaching 1st through 5th grade. I have a bachelor's degree in special education with dual certification in elementary and special education. I also have a masters degree in leadership in educational organizations. My passion is helping kids reach their maximum potential by showing them that they are all smart and capable and can achieve anything they set their minds to. When I am not at school, I am busy being a mom to four beautiful children ages six to eleven. 

Ninna McMahon

I am super excited to be your child’s 5th grade teacher this year! I would like to take the time to introduce myself, my name is Ninna McMahon, some of you may remember me from when I was an Education Assistant in Kindergarten. I have worked for Soaring Hawk Elementary for almost 8 years and counting. I was a long term sub last year as well for 2nd grade. I plan on making this transition as easy as I can for your children. I hope this school year will be an enjoyable and memorable one with of course lots of fun learning so they are ready to conquer their next endeavor, 6th grade, oh yeah! πŸ˜€πŸ‘.

In case you are interested, here is some personal information about me. My husband Chris and I have been married for 19 years going on 20 in October. We have lived in Castle Rock for 15 years and counting. We have a daughter named Erin who went to Soaring Hawk from Kindergarten through 6th grade, and the rest of the feeder schools. Erin graduated in May from Castle View and is now a freshman at UNC. Where did the time go, right? Let me tell you, it goes by fast... My mom was right... LOL! Enjoy this precious time.

We love hiking, eating out, reading, etc. We started this new kick, where we have been trying different food trucks around town on the weekends. It has been really fun.