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Established in 2004, Soaring Hawk Elementary School (SHE) offers a high quality, student-centered kindergarten through sixth grade education. Our curriculum builds rigorous, equitable and inclusive learning options for all students. The Soaring Hawk staff has very high expectations of our students and creates opportunities for students to explore new concepts in a variety of ways. The SHE Habits of Character provide opportunities for students to show integrity and compassion while being resilient explorers, active learners and contributing citizens. The Soaring Hawk community truly cares about the whole child, addressing the strengths and passions that deserve equal attention in the development of all students.

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summer office hours

May 29th, May 30th, 

June 4th, June 5th

9am-12pm only

July 25th, July 26th, July 29th,

July 30th, July 31st 

 9am - 12pm only

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