Inclement Weather Guidance

Storm Schedule

The RED FLASHING LIGHTS OR RED FLAG will be displayed in front of the school alerting parents of a late start or storm delay dismissal.

DELAYED START- one and one-half hours later with a start time of 10:00 am.

Weather Hotline 303-387-7669 or Watch Channels 4, 7,9 or check the District website

Delayed Start:

The district also has procedures regarding delayed start times due to snow accumulation in the mornings. On rare occasions, we have had early dismissals if a blizzard is expected.

The district checks roads at 4 am in the morning. They decide if it will be a late start before school starts by Feeder Region (usually based on bus access on side streets and safety of students walking). We are in the Castle View Feeder
School closure due to snow is usually called in the early morning as well.

You can check the District web site for school closures or the District hotline 303-387-SNOW (7669). We may not have this closure posted on our website depending on the time of day it is called.

Lightning at dismissal:

We do not dismiss students if lightning is in the area. We "attempt" to turn on our RED LIGHTS or put up a RED FLAG on the flagpole, send an automatic dialer to your phones, send out a push notification to your mobile app and send an email immediately. As a rule of thumb, if lightening is in the area, we are most likely on a lightening dismissal. Please do not call our office to check but use the above avenues since this is a busy time releasing students.

In the event of a Lightning dismissal:

We hold all walkers and bike riders for your childs safety. Parents are allowed to come in and pick up their children from classrooms at 3:20pm. All bus riders and daycare busses will be dismissed to the gym to quickly get on the assigned busses. All Hawks Nest students will continue to go to Hawks Nest when the bell rings @ 3:30pm.