Art Education - Ms. D'Arthenay

Welcome back! I’m looking forward to another fantastic year of artmaking at Soaring Hawk :) Here is some important info to help clarify some things in the art room:

Artsonia- This is the digital portfolio we use. Kids can upload work from class, can bring in work from home they want loaded, etc. I want them to load what they are proud of. The work should be original. Artsonia allows you, the parent, to add grandparents, other relatives and friends’ emails to the account so they can see the work being produced. They can also choose to purchase pieces with artwork on it (the funds support our budget for art). AND, they can comment on the kids’ pieces, too! If you don’t give approval, it will mean you won’t see your student’s updates, but I can still store the work for assessment (for myself). Approval is NOT required, but it is a great platform.

Artome- Artome is the company that we use for our school-wide art show. They frame and prepare the work for us once I label, prepare and submit it to them. This year, the show will be on November 14th (Wednesday) from 6-7:30pm. The framed work will be available for purchase, and the funds will go to our art budget. We receive the same $200 total amount that classroom teachers receive for a budget (which I spent on my first project for 6th grade alone), so it’s really important that I fundraise so I can supply the kids with what they need for the remainder of the year. Thank you for the support! Also, if you have a sixth grader, I will be recruiting kids to act as servers at the art show, and also kids who want to play music during the show. The sixth grade team will be helping me to solidify a serving team, and Mrs. Emory will be helping me with musical end. Thanks so much for supporting this show! I’m so looking forward to it!

In terms of donations, we can always use legos, egg cartons, paper towel rolls, yarn and kinetic sand. Unfortunately, I can’t usually take items other than these because of storage, but I will need wood scraps later in the year, too! (Small ones- 6” by 6” or smaller). Thank you!

And, on last tidbit...I had three of my pieces  in an art show at Arapahoe Community College Gallery recently. Some of the kids were curious to know what my work looks like, so here are few pics:

I always think it’s important to continue to create and show my own work, too!

Looking forward to seeing all of my amazing Soaring Hawk artists in art!

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