Content Curriculum Overview

DCSD LOGO Curriculum in DCSD: The DCSD Board of Education defines the official curriculum, or course of study, for all students in Douglas County School District Re-1.  The current DCSD Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC) includes provisions for specific content knowledge (Colorado Academic Standards), Essential Skills (i.e. 21st Century Skills/4C’s), and higher-order thinking skills at each grade level.

Each school within DCSD has the flexibility to choose the curriculum resources/tools they will use to help teachers and students meet the intended outcomes of the GVC (site-based decision). At Soaring Hawk, we have carefully selected nationally-recognized, research-based resources to implement school-wide in both English Language Arts (reading/writing) and Math that align with our school mission, and help us to to meet the needs of the whole child--with a focus on engaging students in meaningful work that fosters both rigor and joy in learning.